Install Evolution

Install Evolution
  1. Download the latest version of MODX Evolution and unzip the MODX zip file (e.g. to a folder on your hard drive (e.g. c:\temp)

  2. Copy or FTP the unzipped files and folders inside the new modx-1.0.14 directory into the root of your website (e.g. c:\mymodxsite\ or
  3. After you've put the unzipped files and folders into the root of your website directory, open your web browser and run the index.php file located inside the install folder on your MODX website. For example, http://yoursite/install/index.php, where "yoursite" is the name of your website.

  4. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete the installation.


  1. Database Note: MODX Evolution uses a MySQL database. You will need the username and password to your database to install MODX. If your database user does not have database creation permissions on the server, you will also need to have a database already created for MODX to use.

  2. Note to *nix users: When you have put the unzipped files and folders in your website, make sure that the /assets/cache (and its files), /assets/export and /assets/images folders are writeable by the web server (777 if PHP is running as an Apache module, or 755 if PHP running as a CGI with "suexec" enabled). You also may need to create an empty file in the manager/includes directory named and make it writable. After the installation is completed, change the permissions on that file to read-only.

  3. Upgrade Note: When upgrading an existing MODX installation, select the upgrade menu option on the page immediately following the License Agreement page. Before upgrading, save all your unique or customized files, such as images, CSS files and custom snippets, and back up your database. Make sure that you upload all the files and folders from the new version; a common cause of problems with upgrading is forgetting to upload the new index.php files from the site root and/or the /manager folder.

When installing, you will come to a page that gives you options for installing various plugins and snippets. The first option will install a complete sample site, with several documents and a complex menu structure. It also has a few optional features, such as front-end blog-style document creation. If you are new to MODX and want to learn how it works, installing this sample site is an excellent way to begin.

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